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Mass Of Christian Burial - Recorded

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Mass Of Christian Burial - Recorded

Posted on Sat, Dec 30, 2017

Fr James Christopher Csaszar

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   Discussion: Mass Of Christian Burial - Recorded
Mel Magee · 11 months ago
Beautiful.  Thank you for posting the video of Fr. Jim's Mass. Attending Fr. Jim's funeral was so comforting.  The support of so many other hurting, loving people.  His loving family and friends.  All the priests, deacons, our seminarians.  Our Resurrection family and parishioners from many of his previous parishes.  Love, hope and the sense of a never-ending belief in God's eternal afterlife just filled the church.Fr. Jim is now at peace with God, at home in the new Jerusalem.  He will live on in all the people he has touched.  We will miss him deeply, but carry on his love and his legacy, each of us enhancing the world because of him.Thank you for letting me experience the comfort of Fr. Jim’s Celebration of Life Mass again through this video.  I needed this, and will continue to.Peace and hugs, Mel Magee

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