Posted on Wed, May 29, 2013:

Meet Pat O'Donovan

Name: Pat O’Donvan

Choir member since: 1997

Voice Part/Instrument: Bass/Percussion

Personal History: Married to Peggy for 25 years, 3 kids: Kelly (22), Katie (19), and Kristi (19). All of my kids are in college, all studying something in the medical field (except no doctors). My birthday is November 12 (guess my age), structural engineer for 27 years. My #1 hobby is actually music: drumming, percussion, and singing. I golf and bicycle a little. 

Why did you join the choir? I really just wanted to see if I could actually sing halfway decent. Still don’t know the answer. Thom hammered me to join for over a year without every hearing a note from me. He said “you can never have too many basses.”  

Music background: Zero background. Did not join until I was 35 (now you know my age), and that was my first choir. Leaned everything from Thom, and could not read the bass clef at the time. I then decided to try drumming, a lifelong secret dream in my 40’s. I have taken drum lessons from two area drum teachers but I learned everything that really matters from Thom, who is my true drum teacher. 

Favorite COTR choir memory: My favorite memory is actually from before I joined when I witnessed a Saturday Christmas rehearsal and was blown away by the organization, the talent, the ability to start in five voices on a moments notice, mid-piece. I was initially crushed because I was sure I would never be able to do that. 

Favorite pieces performed by the Adult Choir: I know that my redeemer lives, Fill-a-me-up, come to the living stone, set your heart on the higher gifts, Hallelujah, my father; Pan De Vida. 

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