A Note From Our New Director

Posted on Thu, Jul 17, 2014:

I consider it a true blessing to be able to take over the directing responsibilities of the CFG.  When my family first joined the Church of the Resurrection in the summer of 1999 I was a junior in high school.  Being a "new kid" is tough for a 16 year old - let me tell you!  After attending masses here for a few weeks, I was drawn to the CFG.  The church I grew up in was very traditional.  The only instrument was the organ, and I'm pretty sure to be in the choir you had to be at least 60...  Music had always been my passion, so to come to a church where the choirs were a mix of all ages and instruments, well, I was just very excited to get involved!  Donna and the members of the CFG were so welcoming and accepting - I felt at home immediately.  They helped me to realize that my talents truly were God-given, and the best way to thank Him for that was to use them to praise Him with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.  

After going to college, getting married and moving away, moving back and starting a family, I am so happy that I have been called back to the CFG.  Many of you have played a big part in my faith journey, and I am so excited to once again join you in praising God through song!   

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