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Blog with Father Jim
    • Blog with Father Jim

      Welcome to my blog!

      Fr Jim,

      You'll need to insert a welcome and a description of the blog ... What can readers expect in regards to frequency of new articles, potential content and what you would like to accomplish with the blog?  Here is an example of a blog that is a bit of a 'stream of consiousness' as another example.

      If you write something up I can insert it for you and then schedule a time to take you through a tutorial on how to add posts. (Or you can plan to send your 'posts' via email to Abby and I can show her how to post them ... your choice)

      Note ... I placed the State of the Parish document as your first posting ... for an example..we can keep it if you think it is appropriate


Title Date #Views
State of the Parish Nov 6, 2016 713
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