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Parish Pastoral Council
  • Parish Pastoral Council

    • About the Parish Pastoral Council

      The responsibility of the pastoral council members is to act as stewards of the parish mission and to advise the pastor on practical matters of parish life.The council studies matters brought to its attention, reflects on them thoroughly, evaluates them and draws sound conclusions. The council presents these conclusions to the pastor of parish life in the form of recommendations.

      This threefold task of the council—investigating, considering and recommending conclusions—is called pastoral planning. 

  • Council Members

    • Matt Lofy - 1st Chair

      I have been a parishioner for five years. My wife Heather and I love this Parish because of how vibrant our Parish community is and how rich in ministries we are…especially for our youth! I’d like to serve the Parish while on PPC by engaging our young families and young adults to grow in ministries and empowerment in Parish leadership positions.

    • Sandy Doty - 2nd Chair

      I have been attending Church of the Resurrection since 1999 –back when our whole congregation squeezed into what is now the Ministry Center. My family and I registered a few short years later. I love this Parish because of the palpable feel of the Holy Spirit working within it. I'd like to serve the Parish while on PPC by helping to fan the flames of passion in our parish, to spread the word of God and particularly by supporting ministries that actively serve and involve our youth, young adult, and young families.

    • Valerie Coolidge - 3rd Chair

      Valerie and husband Robin have been members of Resurrection since 2000. They have 5 children and 9 grandchildren. They own Wyandotte and Rockside Wineries. I would like to help us to enliven our parish and bring our young families more in focus and help our church to be more technologically savvy.

    • Tom Bindi

      My family and I moved from Gahanna to the Westerville/New Albany area back in late 1999, and officially transferred our registration from St. Matthew’s to COTR the following year. Back when the Ministry Center was the actual church, I fell in love with the parish's genuinely friendly atmosphere and its reverence to worship. I'm so thankful that these traits transferred seamlessly to the new church. While on PPC again, I humbly pray that I can be a role model by living out our One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic faith.

    • All Hannum

      We (Trish and I) became members of Church of the Resurrection in January 1995.  We came from another local parish, having moved to Ohio in December 1989. We were welcomed at Resurrection on our first visit and have felt welcome ever since. Resurrection is our faith home and many of the members have become our faith family. I have served two previous terms on the Parish Pastoral Council and feel that participation helps the parish by developing ideas that can improve our community in both social and faith activities.

    • John Hodges

      I have been a parishioner for 22 years. I love that our parish has such a welcoming spirit and has so many ministries, which can provide opportunities for all ages and interests. As our Parish Mission Statement indicates, 'We are a praying community.';  In that vein, I intend to continue coordinating the extended Exposition periods during Advent, Lent and Easter seasons. Secondly, as a member of the newly engaged mentoring ministry (Fully Engaged), I would like to help expand that program, so we find ways to bring together these newly married couples in social and service related settings. Getting these couples involved in parish ministries early in their marriage will strengthen both their attachment to our parish and their faith journey.

    • Bill Hohman

      I have been a parishioner for 15+ years, and I simply love the sense of community at COTR.  My family and I have been active participants in VBS/CREED/TEC to name a few and have enjoyed every minute.  I would like to serve the Parish while on PPC by helping to support and grow our many wonderful ministries, so that every member of the Parish will think of COTR as extended family like I do.

    • Steve Maxwell

      I have been a parishioner for 9 years. This parish is an excellent place to find help and to help other people. I'm the Grand Knight for the Knights of Columbus. I'm the Captain for the Assembly and the Warden for Chapter for the Knights of Columbus. I'm into my 2nd year of my term for the Parish Council. I also volunteer for the Veterans Hospital in Chillicothe Ohio. I also usher for any Mass that they need help at.

    • Beth Ware

      Our family joined the Resurrection community around 2006 soon after we moved to the Columbus area. We have enjoyed our parish for so many reasons. We have found warm and welcoming members and Resurrection holds a dear place in our hearts, as it is the faith community we join each week to celebrate mass and it has offered so many opportunities for spiritual and personal growth. I offer my vocational and professional experience to the Council to support the continued growth of our parish community.

    • Rob Womeldorph

      I have been a member of the parish for 9 years. I love this parish because of the sense of community I feel here as well as the love of Christ that is present here. I would like to serve the Parish while on PPC by helping all parishioners to feel the same sense of community and fellowship that drew me to this parish, as well as encourage all to be as active in the parish as they feel called to serve.

    • Joy Dancer - Secretary

      I have been a parishioner for 20 years. My husband Ernie and I were drawn to Resurrection because of its loving and caring community. I am an EOM and have served as a member of PPC from 2015-2018. At the end of my PPC term I volunteered to be the PPC secretary. It is a role that I enjoy and a way for me to continue to serve our parish.

  • Staff Members

    • Fr. Denis Kigozi - Pastor
    • Suanne Gettings - Pastoral Associate