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El Salvador Mission
    • El Salvador Mission

    • Welcome to Church of the Resurrection El Salvador Mission - PNARDS Catholic School. The school is a Salvadorian government accredited Catholic centered school founded by Padre Fuentes to serve the poor of El Salvador.

      Without generous support of donors like you, this school would not exist.


  • PNARDS Catholic School is located in the poor rural town of Agua Caliente (Hot Water) where the water actually comes out of the ground warm due to the numerous volcanoes in the area.  This small town has an average per-capita income of less that $250 per month.  The primary source of income is day labor, farming and dairy cows.

    Our parish ministry is focused on providing a quality, Catholic centered education for grades K-9 in a secure, safe environment.  The average number of students is approximately 170-190.  Your gifts sponsor 90+ students per year. 

  • Learn More from the school's website here
    • How Can I Help? 

      • $330 Full Scholarship
      • $165 1/2 Scholorship
      • $65 Text Books
      • $50 School Uniforms
      • $80 School Lunch (.40/day)
      • $15 Shoes


      With your sponsorship you will receive a picture of your sponsored child along with a bio.  Opportunities to communicate with children and families are available through the church.