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Knights of Columbus
  • Knights of Columbus Council #10941

    • Would you like some more fish?
    • Volunteer Opportunities

      Invitation to develop your faith.

      “That Man is You” resumes on Thursday and Saturday mornings. This is an all new program this year. This is an excellent opportunity for ALL catholic men to deepen their relationship with God with a group of like-minded men. 
      Also you can prayerfully consider one of the many bible stuydy and faith sharing programs offered by the church.  We need to constantly learn to be equipped to fullfill of leadership roles in oour families and community. 


      Most KofC events that require many participants use the Volunteer spot.  It is an excellent method to provide coverage for our events. PLEASE MAKE A HABIT OF USING IT WHEN YOU WANT TO WORK AN EVENT THAT USES IT.  Click below or use the link within each event that uses this scheduler.


    • Knotes from the Knights

      Catholic Men's Conference (2018 therough 2020)

      There is a HUGE opportunity and need for the Knights of Council 10941 to step up to the plate. The conference occurs in February each year. This year, our council will shadow St. Brendon's (the current sponsor of the event) to take over that job for the following two years.  This is a great opportunity for our council to take a very active role in a tremendous event that features thousands of Catholic men deepening their faith in a very positive and educational environment.  Please prayerfully consider stepping up to the plate (and maybe a bit out of your comfort zone) to lend your time and talent to this opportunity.



      Missing your Email from the Council???

      Our council is trying to maintain a single list via the K of C self service address portal.  Please update your personal information via the following link:


      Excerpt from InvestmentNews:

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      InvestmentNews (07/28/15) Franklin, Mary Beth
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      Stan Krulia

      Contact local insurance agent

      • Bill Pederson, who attended the State Council conference brought back the following awards to either the council or council members:
        • Power of One for recruiting one member per month on average
        • Best Community Activity (BCA) Reporting
        • Division Four – BCA for unemployment assistance
        • Division Four – Best Vocation for Christmas cards to the Josephinium
        • Highest Net Membership Intake for recruiting 21 new members this year


      You may now opt to get a "Knights of Columbus" License plate from the Ohio BMV when you renew yout tags.  The extra fee for the plate will support the Special Olympics.
    • Prayer Requests

      Good of the Order:

      George Patrick

      Jon Petrick

      Wesly Ryan

      Jeff Petrick


      Kim Mahoney

      Denise Spangler

      John Connor


      Jeff Oberlander

      First Responders

      Jim Walsh family

      California fire victims

      Ed Sanders family





      Grand Knight

      Michael Sosinski


      Fr. Dennis Kigozi

      Click here for a complete list of current officers

    • COUNCIL 10941

      Council History

      In New Albany Council 10941 was chartered on August 2, 1992 in the Village of New Albany, Ohio. There were 34 charter members, many of whom are still serving the council and Parish. Currently, there are over 200 Catholic members that serve the Church of the Resurrection.

      Council Involvement

      Council 10941 Knights are involved in nearly every ministry our Parish offers, including Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers, Greeters, Lectors, Sacristans, Music Ministry, RCIA, CREED, Youth Ministry, Eucharistic Adoration, Social Justice Ministries and many others. The Council also raises funds through donation of our sub-sandwich sales, pancake breakfasts and Lenten Family Buffet.

      The funds raised support a seminarian at the Pontifical College Josephinum, St. Gabriel radio (820 AM), Breakfast with Santa, Cum Christo, Kairos, ProLife Organizations, Catholic Charities, donations of food for the needy and emergency requests for financial aid. The Council also assists the Parish with donations of needed items and through the many members’ time and talents.

      This past year the Knights, purchased new tables for the Ministry Center, a new TV for Youth Ministry activities, installed splash guards along the walls and painted cabinets in the kitchen, fixed potholes in the Parish parking lot and upgraded the counter space in one of the rooms of the Ministry Center.

    • God First

      All Knights strive to be good catholic men.  God is first in our lives.  To serve the Lord, we need to know his laws and teachings and be ready to assist others in learning about our faith and the teachings of God.  Here is a basic quiz to see what you know and perhaps where you can grow.  We should never stop learning.

      Catholic Review

      How to make a good Confession

    • Family Next

      As Knights, we have a devotion to our family and a duty to provide for them.  However, as true believers we know all too well that we are not promised anything beyond this present moment.  The Knights of Columbus were founded by Fr. McGivney to assist the families left behind when men passed away leaving the survivers no means of support.  Today, this tradition continues but in the more practical method of the Knights of Columbus Insurance program. This often overlooked and sometimes maligned benefit provides the means for us as Knights to provide for those left behind should God call us home ahead of our loved ones. You owe it to yourself and your family to look into the fine,competively priced, and highly rated products available to you to insure that those you love can continue on in your absence without any additional hardship.

      Contact local insurance agent

    • Serve the Community

      The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic, family, fraternal, service organization. This theme permeates the entire Service Program: all Church, community, council, family, culture of life, and youth activities. The Knights in our council participate in nearly all of the Church's many ministries.

    • Responsible Citizenship

      Any Third Degree member in good standing is eligible for membership in the Fourth Degree. The primary purpose of the Fourth Degree is to foster the spirit of patriotism by promoting responsible citizenship and a love of and loyalty to the Knights' respective countries through active membership in local Fourth Degree groups (called "assemblies"). Certain members of the Fourth Degree serve as honor guards at civic and religious functions - an activity that has brought worldwide recognition to the Knights of Columbus