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Reading for March 17: John 8:51-59
   Discussion: Reading for March 17: John 8:51-59
Leon Milnes · 6 years, 6 months ago


Sometimes it's easy to be like the Jews in the temple (John 8) and not see people for who they really are. When Jesus proclaimed himself, they thought he was possessed. He continued and they threw stones at him. Why did they reject him?
I find myself with this same challenge when it comes to parenting. The balance between giving my kids guidance with firm parameters vs. letting them 'be' who they think they are or want to be. Who says that my parameters are 'right', especially when it relates to physical appearance? There are more issues with girls: piercings, hair color, clothes, make-up. I try to sift through my artificial parameters that relate to how I WANT my daughter to be and to settle on only those that NEED to be. But, I don't know if I'm very good at holding to that. I'm concerned how others will see her and judge her. I just want my daughter safe.

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