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by Kathleen Henderson on Jul 26, 5:33pm
Congrats Father Denis. I'm sure that the Church of the Resurrection already knows how lucky they are to have you as their new Pastor. Jim and I will be in Columbus a few times over the next couple of months and look forward to attending mass, hearing your sermon and seeing your great smile. We miss you. Only the best, God Bless You, Jim and Kathy Henderson Carmel, Indiana 
New Pastor by Tom Kolda on Jun 3, 10:45am
New PastorTerrific news! Welcome, Father Denis, on my behalf, my wife's and that of Church of the Resurrection YOUNG AT HEART seniors! We all remember and enjoyed meeting you and hearing your message to us as our guest speaker many months ago.
[No Subject] by Mel Magee on Dec 30, 6:55pm
[No Subject]Beautiful.  Thank you for posting the video of Fr. Jim's Mass. Attending Fr. Jim's funeral was so comforting.  The support of so many other hurting, loving people.  His loving family and friends.  All the priests, deacons, our seminarians.  Our Resurrection family and parishioners from many of his previous parishes.  Love, hope and the sense of a never-ending belief in God's eternal afterlife just filled the church.Fr. Jim is now at peace with God, at home in the new Jerusalem.  He will live on in all the people he has touched.  We will miss him deeply, but carry on his love and his legacy, each of us enhancing the world because of him.Thank you for letting me experience the comfort of Fr. Jim’s Celebration of Life Mass again through this video.  I needed this, and will continue to.Peace and hugs, Mel Magee
[No Subject] by Victor F Artigas on Dec 16, 3:55pm
[No Subject]Kudos all for the marvelous singing yesterday and the great direction by Thom and Abby...loved the music and all the visitors i came with ~Victor
[No Subject] by George Schneider on Feb 5, 1:03pm
[No Subject]Available to do sub prep, if you need me. Also can serve fish fryas i did last year. First time user of this web page. help
by Suanne Gettings on Feb 5, 2:11pm
Greetings from Siberia, Jim!There you are in the warmth of El Salvador and it's a winter-wonderland here in Ohio; what a difference a few thousand miles makes!  Just tapping in to say hello and to let you know we're thinking about you.Suanne
[No Subject] by Suanne Gettings on Feb 3, 1:14am
[No Subject]Hi Jim!I am praying for you as you take leave for El Salvador this morning.  May God bless you and keep you during this mission trip and may the Holy Spirit guide you and show you the way to all future endeavors as they relate to the people of El Salvador and the people of our parish at Church of the Resurrection.Keep the light of your faith burning, Jim.  Trust that God will take you where he wants you to go!  You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.  Please give my best to Fr. Fuentes!!Suanne
by Marise Petry on Dec 31, 5:20pm
There will be a session using the current format on February 21 & 22, 2014.Two more sessions will be announced that will align with the format being used by the diocese.
Craft Bazaar by Kim Marchio on Sep 5, 4:06pm
Craft BazaarGood Afternoon, My name is Kim I am owner of I make and create stained glass holy cards and rosary. I was wondering if you wer taking any new vendors for your up coming bazaar. I would love the oppurtunity to share my work with your neighbors and church. If so please email me any information and application to your event. You can contact me at recycledcatholic@gmail Thanks so much and God Bless, Kim Marchio
Looking forward! by Shelby Fleck on Aug 25, 4:12pm
Looking forward!Last year the retreat was wonderful! Suanne is a full time gift to our parish and Sister Louis Mary is her small but mighty side kick! So excited to spend another weekend with these wonderful women and our COR sisters!
November Craft Show by Rosemary Miller on Aug 10, 3:55pm
November Craft ShowHello, I am Rosemary Miller...I sell handmade all natural soaps at the New Albany Farmer's market. I know that you have a very nice craft show on Nov. 2nd, and I was wondering if you are accepting new vendors for your show? I would love to participate, if you are. Please email me at this account and let me know if you have any spaces available, and what I must do to participate. Thank you so much. Sincerely Rosemary Miller
Job Leads by Leon Milnes on Jul 1, 10:05am
Job Leads

Please use this area to post Job leads that you may have found that may be of interest to the Employment Ministry Participants

Test run #1 by Marise Petry on Oct 31, 2:10pm
Test run #1<p> We are beginning to set up our PreCana page to the new website!&nbsp;This is our first test run.</p> <p>  </p>
New Baby by Leon Milnes on Oct 17, 9:51pm
New Baby

Congratulations Joe and Stella!!

Status Quo changes take faith by Leon Milnes on Oct 10, 11:44am
Status Quo changes take faith

I often struggle with not letting faith drive my actions. Too often, I am concerned that the status quo is not to be 'messed with' or authorities be questioned. 

I f I were to see a man come into the gathering space and claim to be Jesus returning, and saw him perform a healing on the spot, would I be willing to drive to Bishop Campbells office and tell him that Jesus is back and I saw him in action? I don't know that I would. 

(March 31, 2012) John 11:45-56 by Leon Milnes on Oct 7, 4:27pm
(March 31, 2012) John 11:45-56


After the raising of Lazarus, the division in the people escalates. "Many of the Jews who had come to Mary and seen what Jesus had done began to believe in him. But some of them went to the Pharisees and told them what Jesus had done."
The use of the word "but" indicates that the chief priests and Pharisees did not believe. How could they then explain the many signs that Jesus performed? It's not explained. The chief priests and Pharisees are portrayed as acting out of self-preservation and maintenance of the status quo. What made them think that their power and actions would conquer the power of the man performing signs, who had already demonstrated power over life and death? The example of such blindness makes me think harder about the blindness that we have across nations today. Who has the bigger picture and acts for the greater good? Who is plotting to protect the status quo?
(March 29, 2012) John 8:51-59 by Leon Milnes on Oct 7, 4:22pm
(March 29, 2012) John 8:51-59


Sometimes it's easy to be like the Jews in the temple (John 8) and not see people for who they really are. When Jesus proclaimed himself, they thought he was possessed. He continued and they threw stones at him. Why did they reject him?
I find myself with this same challenge when it comes to parenting. The balance between giving my kids guidance with firm parameters vs. letting them 'be' who they think they are or want to be. Who says that my parameters are 'right', especially when it relates to physical appearance? There are more issues with girls: piercings, hair color, clothes, make-up. I try to sift through my artificial parameters that relate to how I WANT my daughter to be and to settle on only those that NEED to be. But, I don't know if I'm very good at holding to that. I'm concerned how others will see her and judge her. I just want my daughter safe.