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Pictorial Directory


    Parish Pictorial Directory and Family Portrait Registration 


      Each family will receive one 8x10 and a Church of the Resurrection Parish photo directory for FREE! 

      Just sign up for a photo shoot.


      Two more weekends left!!!

      November 8th and 9th

      November 15th & 16th


      You will also have the opportunity to earn up to $15.00 in “credit” to be used towards the purchase of photo packages.

      We have partnered with Lifetouch for our Church photo directory. The last time the directory was done was in 2008. Photo sessions have been extended into November. 

      Each family will sign up for a one-hour session. In your one-hour session you will:


      • Check in

      • Be professionally photographed

      • Immediately view your portraits

      • Have an opportunity to purchase additional portraits



      You may schedule your session by clicking 'Sign me up', below