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Habitat Build Wilson Family
    • Wilson Build Set to Begin

  • About the Wilson Family

    Alyssia Wilson/668 E. Starr Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201

    Alyssia Wilson will not have far to move once her new Habitat home is completed.  A current resident of Columbus’ South Side, Alyssia is a single mom to Dennis (age 3) and works as a dental assistant.  The family’s current living conditions are far from ideal, living in a cramped and unsafe apartment. “Habitat has given me a renewed, positive outlook at life,” said Alyssia. 


    Taking walks, going to the park, and playing games are all closer to becoming a reality for Alyssia and Dennis, thanks to Habitat’s homeownership program. “While it was a long and sometimes overwhelming experience, my journey to homeownership has been nice overall and well worth it!” said Alyssia. 

    Her hope is to stay in the home for a very long time, maintaining it and becoming a part of the community. “Community is important…for both me and my son.”