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Blood Drive
  • Blood Drive Ministry - Red Cross Help

    • Blood Drive Scheculed for November 26th. Sign-Up Here

    • Blood Donors Needed Now.  

      • The American Red Cross is currently facing a severe blood shortage! You are desperately needed now, so blood can be available for patients during this critical time.


      • Medical conditions and emergencies that require blood don't stop. Your generosity helps ensure blood is available to support patients' ongoing needs as well as unforeseen trauma situations. 


      • Blood donations are currently being distributed faster than they are coming in, but patients and their families are still counting on you. 


      • Please do your part to overcome this severe blood shortage and schedule your lifesaving appointment today!
    • Our ministry aims to assist the Red Cross to coordinate, delegate, promote and oversee all tasks involved with blood drive five times a year.  We need both volunteers to assist with the blood drive event at the church and to encourage donors to give blood.

      Why does Church of the Resurrection Host a Blood Drive?

      • Support our community
      • Energize our Parishioners by providing a convenient way to give back to the community
      • Join a 125-year strong movement of service
      • Enjoy a partnership with the Red Cross where everyone wins
      • Save lives!!!

      Why should you donate?

      • You get free juice and delicious cookies.
      • It's something you can spare – most people have blood to spare... yet, there is still not enough to go around.
      • You will help ensure blood is on the shelf when needed – most people don't think they'll ever need blood, but many do.
      • You will be someone's hero – in fact, you could help save more than one life with just one donation.


      The American Red Cross has a severe winter blood shortage and is issuing an emergency call for blood and platelet donors to make a donation. Please consider scheduling an appointment and help save patient lives. To see our next scheduled drive and to sign up to donate blood, click the Red Cross Logo.